Learn to tell a persuasive visual story that gets results


Learn to tell a persuasive visual story that gets results

Buy the classic Beyond Bullet Points book – now available for the first time in a fully-updated, full-color fourth edition!

"Throw away those room-emptying, left-brain slides—and use Atkinson’s book to turn your PowerPoint presentation into an epic."

- Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Mind


About the Book

Think beyond bullet points—and amplify the impact of your message! This classic book illuminates an innovative, step-by-step methodology designed to unlock the amazing visual story waiting to be released from your message.




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Meet the Author

Critically-praised author and communications expert Cliff Atkinson is revolutionizing the way people use visuals to present their ideas. Cliff has taught his innovative Beyond Bullet Points method to Fortune 500 companies, leading law firms, government agencies, and business schools.


Learn visual storytelling online

BBP 101 is an online course made up of 7 modules that will make you a master of BBP without ever having to leave your home or office.

When you launch each half-hour professionally-produced module, you’ll view multimedia elements, take quizzes to test your knowledge and apply your new skills as you build a presentation step-by-step.

For only $299.95 $99.97, you get 1-year access to the 7 full modules plus all related training downloads.


What students are saying

  • “The Beyond Bullet Points 101 online course from Coggno.com helped me to learn a whole new style of effective communicating. I loved how easy it was to learn at my own pace and to use the downloadable templates for making my own presentation.”

    — Aaron Silverman

  • “Loved the chunking in 3’s concept and plan to use it for all kinds of things including delivery of workshops. I prepared a webinar of my own during the course from my own workload and am quite pleased with the results. I have encouraged my colleague to sign up as well and I will use this process when assisting others.”

    — Karen Luyendyk

  • “Loved this course. The structure of the course and recommended approach to build the story was fabulous. Our Manager recently found this course and three of us enrolled. All have found it very beneficial as we continue to grow our new Training Department.”

    — Ann Barton



Invite Cliff to speak at your event and open up the possibilities of persuasive visual storytelling to get the results you want. Whatever the format of your event, your participants will be intrigued, informed and inspired to turn their words into compelling stories and pictures.

Or bring Cliff directly to your organization to deliver his Beyond Bullet Points workshop. By the end of the day your team will be the bold, effective presenters they were born to be.


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